Sample resume of a credit specialist

A loan officer is one of the most in-demand positions in finance. Many bank employees started their careers as loan officers. When writing a loan officer resume position, applicants should include their job responsibilities and job performance. Speak to the employer in the language of numbers to clearly show your performance.

See how to describe your responsibilities and accomplishments to get the employer's attention:

  • Advised on all bank products and services sold
  • More than 40 consultations per day, compared to the norm of 30, resulting in a 30% increase in sales of the bank's online products and services in 6 months.
  • Every day she served more than 100 clients: she opened, closed and maintained accounts, deposits and cards, provided brokerage and depository services.
  • Every week she concluded 20 credit agreements with individuals, the plan being 18 per week. Over-fulfilled the plan for the amount of loans made by 120%. Fulfilled the plan for additional services of the bank at 100%.
  • Daily overfulfilled the plan for informing borrowers about the presence of arrears: made 130 calls (the plan was 100).
  • Each month she performed the verification of 120 applications: 50 for consumer credits, 40 for credit cards and 30 for car credits.

Serviced more than 10 clients of legal entities per day. Timely informed clients about banking products and services, as well as the terms of obtaining them, which led to an increase in sales of banking products by 25%.

Check your list of professional and additional skills: are you missing anything? Here are the skills you should list to increase your resume views and interview invitations:

  • 5 years of experience in credit product sales.
  • Knowledge of the banking program.
  • Good orientation in banking products.
  • Knowledge of business etiquette and banking principles.
  • Experience in dealing with large amounts of information.
  • Knowledge of specialized computer programs.
  • Excellent active sales skills.

Ability to evaluate client creditworthiness on the basis of analysis of financial and economic activity.

Follow the advice of experts to find the most attractive employer and get an invitation to an interview, because having the right resume - is half the success. Show the employer that you are worthy of the job, and the desired position is yours!

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