Farm Fresh Rewards: Local Food at Retail Stores

For every $10 spent on local food with SNAP/EBT, shoppers earn $5 in Farm Fresh Rewards.

Current Farm Fresh Rewards Locations:

Belfast Co-op  

123 High St, Belfast

Berry Fruit Farm, Market & Bakery  

54 Main St, Livermore Falls

Blue Hill Co-op

70 South St, Blue Hill 

Fare Share Food Co-op

443 Main St, Norway 

Gardiner Food Co-op

269 Water St, Gardiner

Ginny’s Natural Corner

217 North Ave, Skowhegan

Good Tern Co-op

750 Main St, Rockland

Jordan’s Farm

21 Wells Rd, Cape Elizabeth

Machias Marketplace

76 US-1, Machias

Marsh River Co-op

5 Veterans Highway, Brooks

Portland Food Co-op 

290 Congress St, Portland

Rising Tide Community Market

323 Main St, Damariscotta

Rosemont Market Munjoy Hill

88 Congress St, Portland

Royal River Natural Foods

443 US-1, Freeport

Sheepscot General Store

98 Town House Rd, Whitefield

Solo Cucina Market

161 Ocean St, South Portland

Spice and Grain 

17 Portland St, Fryeburg

Uncle Dean’s Natural Market 

5825, 80 Grove St, Waterville

Find a Store Near You: Look for Farm Fresh Rewards Markers on the map!

Helpful Tips for Using Farm Fresh Rewards: 

  • Buy more, get more: Get a $5 voucher for every $10 spent on local food with SNAP/EBT.
  • Use the map above to find participating locations, and look for in-store for labels to find local food.
  • Vouchers can be used for fresh, frozen, and dried local fruits and vegetables that are grown in Maine and contain no added salt, sugars, or fats. Local, food-producing seeds and seedlings count too!
  • Each voucher is worth $5. You must spend the full $10 on local food w/ SNAP/EBT to earn one, and you must spend the full $5 on fruits and veggies to use one. Look for small local items (like garlic) to help round up.
  • Vouchers can be spent on your next purchase or saved for later in the season.
  • Remember to check the expiration dates on your vouchers – use them before it is too late!
  • Vouchers can be used at any store participating in the FFR program. You do not have to spend them at the stores where you earned them.

Some Frequently Asked Questions, and answers:

  1. How does this program work?
    If paying with SNAP/EBT at any of the participating stores, customers get FREE vouchers to spend on local fruits and vegetables when buying local food.
  2. Who is eligible for this program?
    Any customer paying with SNAP/EBT (formerly called food stamps, or in Maine the “Food Supplement program” or the Pine Tree Card).
  3. What do you earn vouchers on?
    Local products that are also SNAP-eligible. Local labels and shelf tags can help you find products that qualify for earning vouchers.
  4. What can you spend vouchers on?
    Any Maine-grown fruit or vegetable. This includes fresh, frozen, and dried products with no added sugars, salts, or fats.
    Local, food-producing seeds and plants count too!
  5. Are these programs only available in the summertime?
    This program is available all year! More and more farmers are growing food through the winter. Some of the stores do change hours in the winter.
  6. Can I use the vouchers at other stores?
    Yes, vouchers are valid at all participating stores.
  7. Can I use vouchers at farmers’ markets?
    No. Maine Harvest Bucks is our sister nutrition incentive program, but Farm Fresh Rewards vouchers CANNOT be used at Maine Harvest Bucks sites and vice versa. However, anyone using SNAP benefits is encouraged to participate in both programs.
  8. How is this program funded?
    Funding for this program comes from a federal grant, and much of it also comes from individual donors, communities, and other foundations. If anyone has questions or wants to support this program, please send them to 
    Maine Farmland Trust.
  9. How does this help farmers?
    The vouchers you get and spend for local produce are fully paid for by 
    Maine Farmland Trust, through our grant and other funding. The farmer gets full price for everything you buy through this program, including the extra food you get with the vouchers! By increasing the amount of foods you buy that are produced by Maine farmers, you are building their sales, which supports the growth of their overall farm business.

What we hear about Farm Fresh Rewards: 

“This program is on many levels a life-saver, in that I get to eat…good quality food, I get to support my local farmers and vendors, and in my mind all of that is a win-win. Overall the mental and physical health benefits and the opportunity to get more food is huge for me. It’s a big deal.” –Customer

“We really love that our local food co-op offers nutrition incentives. It is a win for our farm and fellow farmers in that more people are encouraged to buy local products (hopefully [our] yogurt and kefir!) and great for our community that folks can utilize these programs to support our local co-ops and small businesses, and fantastic that families get to see their benefits stretched further and are able to enjoy fresh local fruits and veggies grown in their communities.” –Farmer

Click here for more findings about the program.

Still have questions? Want to offer incentives at your retail store?
We’d love to hear from you.
Contact Abby, abby@mainefarmlandtrust.org or (207) 338-6575.

Supported by USDA FINI through Farm Fresh Rhode Island.

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